Thuso Mbedu deletes post thanking MacG following backlash

“The Underground Railroad” star Thuso Mbedu landed in hot water on Thursday after she thanked controversial podcaster MacG.

In a “Podcast and Chill with MacG” episode uploaded on Monday, MacG and his co-hosts took time to shout out Thuso who is starring in the upcoming Amazon Prime Video series and is set to star in a movie with Viola Davis.

Taking to Twitter, in a now-deleted post Thuso thanked MacG for the shout out on his podcast and said: “Thank you @podcastwithmacg for the shout-out congrats & well done with the leaps yall are making.”

Mbedu’s fans, specifically members of LGBTQI+ community and allies, did not appreciate her acknowledging MacG since he has been accused of being transphobic, homophobic, and a misogynist.

Following the backlash, Thuso deleted the post and explained why she decided to remove it.

“I deleted a previous post as it seems to have offended some. I didn’t know why so I went to someone that I trust & who I knew could give me better insight. Others chose to educate me and it’s out of care and respect for them that I deleted my post,” said Thuso.

“Please note, ’Delete this’ and throwing side comments doesn’t educate anyone on anything & as a result, little to nothing is changed,” she continued.

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