Ticketpro Dome closes its doors for last time

Johannesburg – South Africa’s biggest multipurpose indoor arena, the Ticketpro Dome in Northgate, Gauteng has been sold its owners. The venue has been sold to a third party that does not operate in the events arena.

The Dome has been sold by the owners, Sasol Pension Fund.

On Monday, RX Venue management company said the ban on public gatherings had meant that during 2020 and 2021, the indoor venue was not able to operate.

“This is another devastating blow for the exhibitions, events and entertainment industry due to Covid-19.”

According to the company, the South African Events Council (SAEC) had been lobbying the government, since its inception in 2020, to let the live events industry operate within Covid-19 safety regulations.

If shopping centres can operate, so too should event and exhibition venues. SAEC wants government to allow venues to operate at 50% capacity, so that the industry can start rebuilding,” said RX Africa.

Managing director Carol Weaving said: “The selling of the Ticketpro Dome is extremely disappointing and heartbreaking for our industry. The Ticketpro Dome has been home to many international concerts and events in South Africa, and this will undoubtedly leave a huge void. Unfortunately, as we are only the managing company, we were unable to change the outcome of Sasol Pension Fund selling the venue due to force majeure.”

RX Africa said the Ticketpro Dome solidified global recognition with companies and promoters throughout several industries and would be remembered as an iconic venue across the events, exhibitions and entertainment sectors.

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