Tiger Brands welcomes ruling on access to listeriosis findings

Durban – Tiger Brands said yesterday that it welcomed the ruling by the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg, which compelled third parties to provide information related to the class-action lawsuit.

The lawsuit brought against the packaged goods company goes back to the 2018 listeriosis outbreak that claimed more than 200 lives, which was linked to Tiger Brands’  value-added meat product business.

But Tiger Brands lodged an application in the high court in May last year, requesting information relating to the testing for and incidence of listeriosis class action case, compelling some of the third party recipients to provide the information, but some of them to provide the documents.

The groups said some recipients of subpoenas seek to set the subpoena aside in the application and these proceedings were concluded on May 15, when the judgment was reserved.

The company said the effect of the ruling was to provide access to the relevant information and enable all the parties to move matters forward, and for the third parties to apply for leave to appeal the court order.


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