Tim Noakes left frustrated on first day of HPCSA appeal

PRETORIA- During his appeal proceeding with the Health Professions Council of South Africa’s (HPCSA), Professor Tim Nokes was left frustrated as the HPCSA tried several times to discredit him and that he was unqualified to give expert advice on a child’s nutritional needs.

HPCSA is appealing a ruling by a committee that found Noakes not guilty when give advice to a mother on his revolutionary diet plan, banting.

The mother tweet read: “@ProfTimNoakes @SalCreed is LCHF eating ok for breastfeeding mums? Worried about all the dairy + cauliflower = wind for babies?? (sic)”

His tweet read: “Baby doesn’t eat the dairy and cauliflower. Just very healthy high-fat breast milk. Key is to ween (sic) baby onto LCHF.”

The HPCSA believe he was not qualified to give this advice, “As a health practitioner, he doesn’t have the knowledge or the experience to give advice on this topic. If you want to give advice to neonates and infants, you need to have the experience and knowledge,”

Noakes was visibly frustrated and he believed his advice was in guideline with the country’s standards, “You can’t get away from that, the guidelines say you wean your children onto fish, meat, eggs, diary and vegetables which is the low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet,” said Noakes.

“What frustrates me is the statement that I know nothing about nutrition for children, but child nutrition is the same as adult nutrition and I have been practising adult nutrition all my life,” said Noakes.

“There were plenty of personal attacks today and I get frustrated because I would like to get up and respond because a lot of it is untrue.”

The hearing continues on Thursday.

Photo Credit- 702.co.za

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