Tips: Packing for the holidays

People are not good at packing are sometimes forced to pay for extra luggage even though they could have packed everything in one suitcase or bag.
Sarah Webb who is brand manager for a fabric softener brand, Personal Touch says, “When going on holiday, we tend to over-pack and have our suitcases bursting at the seams. We pack for any occasion that may arise, but tend to only wear a quarter of the clothes we bring. Making a list is the first step in packing smart.”
Packing smart is very important it doesn’t only save space but it also saves extra unnecessary cost. Packing smart is very important especially when a person is packing for the whole family or flying whereby weight limit is enforced. Here are packing tips from Webber:
Pack small items such as socks inside shoes or hats to save space for some other items.
Instead of folding consumers can roll their clothes, this does not only save space but it also helps from unnecessary creases.
If consumers are going to be on a holiday for a week they should buy small plastic containers and fill them with stuff like shampoo, body loxion instead of taking the whole bottle.
Consumers who follow or use the above mentioned tips will be amazed by how much they can safe space and be able to pack more.

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