Tira- ‘We won’t drop him’ – Mampintsha will still perform at show.

DURBAN- Organizers for the upcoming Umlazi Panic told TshsiaLIVE that Mampintsha is still set to perform and wont be dropped and he will perform alongside DJ Tira.

Mampintsha and Babes are set to perform at the music festival, just a week after claims of assault were leveled against Mampintsha during Babes’s interview with Metro FM’s Masechaba Ndlovu and Mo Flava last Friday.

Radio personality Masechaba claimed that had allegedly punched Babes in the face and broke her leg, as she stayed at Mascechaba close friend to seek refuge and recover.

As these allegations were being said on air Babes cried, earlier she said the relationship with Mampintsha had turned sour.

Mampintsha responded to the claims, saying that a third party was behind these ‘lies’ and trying to tarnish his career, he even claimed that he and Babes still work together.

Dj Tira said he is aware of the claims but would not drop Mampintsha from the line up.

He said, “There is no pressure to drop him and we won’t drop him‚”

This was repeated by event’s organiser’s‚ DJ Boonu‚ he said, “As Dj Boonu‚ I don’t see an problem with him performing at the show. We haven’t received any complaints about him performing.”

During the interview Tira denied social media speculation that he was involved in the leaking of the allegations against Mampintsha because of jealousy.

“I have said it before‚ I love them and our relationship is good. I do not have a problem with Mampintsha or Babes. I am like everyone‚ I wish them all the best if they can’t work out whatever problem they have.”

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