Togo Government accused of savage repression

Lome – On Wednesday the Togo opposition accused the security forces of using “savage repression”. This follows after 20 of their supporters were injured after they tried to protest against the ruling party.
The opposition held its first of the three planned demonstration this week on Tuesday. In this demonstration they called constitutional reform and the President  Faure Gnassingbe to resign.
The oppostion went on to say its supporters were stopped from taking the streets in the country’s northern cities of Sokode and Bafilo, even though the government gave them a go ahead.
Heavily armed soldiers were already positioned at the starting points of the protests, they used sticks and tear gas to break the crowd.
According to the opposition leader Tikp Atchadam in Sokode 16 people were injured due to being shot and beatings and 3 in Bafilo and one was disabled person was also beaten up.
The opposition said in a statement, “The coalition condemns in the strongest terms this savage repression and the doublespeak of the regime.”
On Monday the country’s government indicated that it was an open discussion and announced that the 24 people that were arrested during the previous demonstrations were released.

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