Togo to free 45 opposition supporters from custody

Lome-  Nearly half of the opposition supporters arrested during a wave of anti-government demonstrations in Togo will be pardoned according to Ghanaian mediators who have said, in efforts to end a six-month political crisis currently in Togo.

Ghanaian delegation spokesperson Daniel Osei soke late on Monday that Togo’s president Faure Gnassingbe,  “has decided to give a presidential pardon to 45 of the 92 people detained … following their participation in protests,”

“Togo’s courts will look at the situations of the other detainees on a case-by-case basis,” the statement said.

As a condition of participation in talks with the ruling government, a coalition of 14 opposition parties had made the release of those arrested during the protests.

Negotiations started in the capital Lome in attempts to end the standoff which has seen thousands citizen in the country to take to the streets, almost on a weekly basis.

The negotiations are being held behind close door as the talks are headed by Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo and his Guinean counterpart Alpha Conde who are acting as mediators.

Spokesperson Osei said the first day of talks took place in a “good atmosphere and led to successful conclusions”, and a agreement was made that protest be suspended until the talks end.

Both sides who are represented by seven delegates – will meet again on Friday, when the issue of whether to “return to the 1992 constitution” will be discussed.

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