Tony Leon denies he was involved in efforts to Persecute Winnie Mandela

CAPE TOWN-  DA veteran Douglas Gibson in response to a press conference held by former minister of safety and security Sydney Mufamadi in Monday said,  “After all, Madikizela Mandela was convicted of kidnapping and sentenced to four years in jail. The judge described her in that trial as ‘an unblushing and unprincipled liar’. That sentence was replaced by a fine but the conviction was upheld by the Appeal Court.”

Douglas speaking on behalf of said Leon thought the murder case wasn’t investigated throughly.

Douglas in a statement hit back at suggestions made that Leon was involved in the decision to reopen the probe.

He said, “Any suggestion of an involvement with Stratcom before 1994 when he [Leon] was the Opposition Justice spokesperson, or afterwards, when he was the Leader of the Opposition to the ANC government is a ridiculous lie. Leon was doing his job and any allegation that he was “behind” the persecution of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela is also a lie.

Gibson continued, “There was a strong suspicion at the time about Lolo Sono’s death and his father openly stated in public that Madikizela was involved. There were public allegations made about the Dr Asvat murder and the death of Stompie Seipei and international interest in the evidence of one Cebekhulu, who was taken under the wing by Baroness Nicholson in the House of Lords,”

He further explained, “If Tony had not openly and publicly called for an investigation he would have been failing in his duty as Leader of the Opposition.”

“Tony travelled to London to investigate this source and referred it to General Fivaz who subsequently wrote saying that upon investigating the matter further, the SAPS concluded that Cebekhulu was an unreliable witness.”

“There was a whole football club that was terrorising Soweto at the time, you had the Stompie Seipeis [and another murder] … it was all going on. It was under-investigated and we thought it was probably under prosecuted.”

The ANC has declined to comment saying they will respond after an appropriate time.

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