CAPE TOWN- Sedick Abraham’s a Mitchells Plain father accused of murdering his drug-addict son says that parents suffering at the hands of children who are abusing drugs, must seek help.

Abraham’s made an appearance at the local magistrates court on Wednesday, where his case was postponement.

In January his son was stabbed to death in self-defence after an argument in the family’s home, the 62 year old man was arrested shortly after.

Abraham’s emphasized that family are suffering because of their drug addicted children, creating fear in their homes and communities.

He said of the incident, “He would have hurt me. I held the knife to his chest so that he would stay away from me. But he came towards me.”

“I wasn’t in my right mind. My child was dead.”

Abraham’s wife, Myrtle their son’s name was Clinton, she doesn’t blame her husband for the death of their son.

She said, “I can’t. It was an accident, it wasn’t on purpose. And it’s done,”

“I had to hide my fear. I had to hide everything.

“I bought glasses and cups that I had to hide. Now you can see it on display. I can unpack. He stole other people’s things then I had to pay it back. He didn’t think anything about what he did.”

“I showed him I wasn’t scared of him. He swore at me, and I said it back to him. I was his mother, but I went through a lot because of him. I put him out and for six months he went to stay with a friend. He didn’t do these things there.”

Myrtle remembers December 31, where she repeatedly called the police because Clinton had been terrorising the family.

“They can check their system, I phoned them almost the whole day. They never came. I prayed: ‘Lord, let this child sleep’ so that I could get out. I could never do that; if I left, he would steal my things.

“He would swear and argue with me and his dad. He could rattle Sedick because he knew he was soft. But I am not.”

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