Top Gear returns! What to expect in season 25

CAPE TOWN- The world’s biggest motoring show is back! Top Gear Season 25 welcomes back Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, Rory Reid and The Stig to our screens.

The new season premiered on BBC Brit channel 120 on DSTV on the 28 of February.

The new season has six episodes, that are an hour long, that will tackle building the world’s fastest tractor, tackling America’s Wild West in a shiny new V8 sports cars, attempting to land a NASA research plane in America’s ultimate muscle car, and much more.

The Top Gear crew is well traveled, and this season its no different, they filmed in locations such as Japan, Utah in the United States, Italy and just-outside-of-Guildford, UK.

Expect over the top views, car stuns, high class super cars, celebrities, and the classic dark humor.

Take a look at the teaser trailers:

The build up to the new locations and the exciting super cars and stunts.

Matt Le Blanc takes on The Stig.

Photo Credit- The Telegraph

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