Topbet manager fired over ‘humiliating’ search for menstrual blood

CAPE TOWN- Allegations surfaced earlier this week that Topbet gambling in Germiston, had there female employees “strip-searched” after menstrual blood was found in one of the company’s bathrooms, a police spokesperson said on Wednesday.

Two suspects have been arrested in connection of the allegations,¬† “The charge is sexual assault”, Ekurhulenini cluster police spokesperson Captain Andre de Jager told News24.

The two suspects appeared in the Germiston Magistrate’s Court on February 9, February 23 and were granted bail.

They now have to appear again on March 29.

The allegation surfaced after  the incident was reported to the police, the person said that female employees were told to take off their clothes so that they could be checked for signs of menstruation.

De Jager said, “They were apparently touched.”

Topbet was shocked by the revelations, the company bets on horse racing and sports events.

They said in a statement it was devastated by the incident, which goes against its company ethos.

The statement said, “Topbet is a women-run and owned business and we consider women’s rights and our valued employees’ constitutional rights to privacy, dignity, freedom and security, and bodily and psychological integrity of paramount importance,” the company said in a statement issued on its behalf by a communications company.

“One of our core values is to create a safe and happy working environment for all of our staff, most of whom are women.

“We have been devastated to learn of the incident that occurred at our Germiston branch and wish to address some of the allegations in the media in the statement that follows.”

The company did deny that any women were searched or physically touched, but they did say the incident was “degrading” and “inhumane”.

A senior manager has been fired after the incident was published by the media.

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