Traditional African Religion

For many years, Traditional African Religion was seen as religion that competes with Christianity. This type of religion has been part of the South African people’s identity for many years. The religion points to the importance of following a certain type of tradition and living through African values. These values have passed down from one generation to another, ensuring that they continue and live even when the elders have passed on. They form part of a cultural identity of each group of people. These traditions and values are passed on through tales, stories and myths. In South Africa, most Traditional African Religion is practiced by the Nguni group of people which includes Xhosa and Zulu who arrived in South Africa over 1500 years from Central Africa. They have been part of these tribes of people and passed on for many years.

Traditional African Religion is based on oral traditions and sacrifices to the gods. People who follow and live through this religion pass on their values and tradition through oral stories, praises and sacrificing to their ancestors. Ancestor worship and belief is an extension of this belief and respect for the elders.

People believe that most of the ancestral spirits are good and kind, and that they also connect them with the creator.

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