Train delays a cause for concern for matric writers

JOHANNESBURG – Concerns have been raised by final matric writers, teachers, parents and the general public over escalated train delays in Johannesburg amongst other cities countrywide.

Many students writing their final matric examinations use trains as a mode of transport to their examination centres and concerns have been raised that they might not make it on time.

Although Metrorail said the department was doing everything in its power to ensure that trains operate on time, many people think it is too late for those developments to be made.

Riana Scott, spokesperson of Metrorail, yesterday urged all final matric writers to board trains as early as possible to avoid disappointments.

“We recommend they travel at least an hour earlier (excluding normal extended travel time) to ensure they minimise the chance of arriving late at examination venues; pupils are requested to consult our passenger information channels for service status.” Said Scott.

Western Cape Education MEC Debbie Schäfer says students who arrive late within one hour will be admitted to the exam room but would have to complete in the same time as others.

Schäfer also called for other modes of transport to help transport students so that they get to their exam centres on time.

At least 52000 pupils across South Africa on Monday started their exams with first language papers.


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