Trevor Manuel sues JJ Tabane over claims he helped form Cope, demands apology and retraction

Former ANC heavyweight Trevor Manuel wants media personality JJ Tabane to be interdicted from claiming he was part of the formation of Cope, and to apologise to him and pay R100 000 in damages.

The former finance minister said there was no reason he should be forced to submit to “indignities and assaults” on his integrity over Tabane’s claim that he had a hand in the formation of Cope.

Manuel also wants the court to rule that a retraction and an apology be displayed on all the podcast’s pages and social media accounts.

On April 15, 2022, Tabane appeared on an episode of The Hustlers Corner SA during which he alleged that Manuel was involved in the formation of Cope.

He also said when Cope was formed in 2008, he was the finance minister and a member of the ANC’s executive committee.

“Any involvement by me in Cope would have constituted misconduct under clause 25.17.13 of the ANC’s constitution, which states that ‘joining or supporting a political organisation or party, other than an organisation in alliance with the ANC, in a manner contrary to the aims, objectives and policy of the ANC shall constitute misconduct in respect of which disciplinary proceedings may be invoked and instituted’, he said.

Previously, Manuel confronted Tabane regarding his interview on the podcast that was aired on YouTube last month, informing him that he had until the close of business on Wednesday, May 11, to retract the “falsehoods”.

Following Tabane’s allegations, ANC NEC member Lindiwe Sisulu approached the party’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, to demand an investigation into the claim.

Manuel said the allegations harmed his reputation.

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