Trevor Noah calls out racist coverage of Ukraine-Russia invasion

Trevor Noah has slammed the ongoing reports coming from Ukraine as racist.

In a recently uploaded clip from The Daily Show, Noah expressed his shock towards coverage of the war in Ukraine in comparison to how conflicts get reported in other regions such as Africa and the Middle East.

Beginning the clip he candidly asked why reporters are saying this should be happening in ‘certain neighbourhoods’.

“And beyond the war itself … there’s a really interesting thing that I learned. And that is: A lot of people on TV didn’t expect a war like this to happen in, let’s say, certain neighborhoods,” said Noah.

After playing the compilation on the Daily Show, he expressed outrage when one correspondent said: “This is not a developing third world nation—this is Europe.”

He also questioned the outrageous double standard the reporting around the conflict is.

“Wow, that was you choosing your words carefully? That was the careful version?” Noah asked incredulously. “What were you going to say if you weren’t choosing your words carefully? ‘I just hope the next time this happens, it happens back in the Middle East where it belongs.’”

The clip which has been widely shared on social media show one anchor saying: “these are prosperous, middle-class people,” while another correspondent is heard saying that Ukraine is not “a place—with all due respect—like Iraq or Afghanistan.”

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