Trinidad and Tobago’s first female President sworn into office

Paula-May Weekes became Trinidad and Tobago’s sixth and its first female president on Monday.

Weekes, who previously held the position of attorney in the country’s Director of Public Prosecutions Office, took her oath of office in front of a large crowd that included members of the Trinidad Parliament and Government of Ministers.

During her speech, Weekes spoke about issues that have been plaguing the twin-island nation.

“Trinidad and Tobago is perilously close to the point of no return,” as the country has alarming incidents of crime, corruption, racism, abysmal public services, and an effective judicial system, among other problems, so thick on the ground that all hope is lost, and the country had two choices: “Option 1- We can lament, blame, criticise and allow a miasma of despair to overwhelm us or Option 2: We can consciously and intentionally choose the alternative,” said Weekes.

Many people congratulated the new President, including Facebook’s global chief diversity officer, Maxine Williams, who’s from the country.

“Congratulations to President Paula-May Weekes, the first female woman to hold the office in Trinidad and Tobago,” said Williams. “The thing about ‘firsts’ is that they are bitter-sweet,” Williams added.

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