OTTAWA- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apologised after a woman alleged that he groped her in 2000, he conceded that for the first time acknowledging the incident.

Trudeau known for his feminist support, the incident which allegedly happened at a charity fundraiser in Creston, British Columbia nearly 20 years has been highlighted by the media scrutiny, as the local media try to figure out what happened on that day.

When reports started circulating Trudeau said he “didn’t remember any negative interactions that day at all”, but on Thursday he said “I apologized in the moment” without giving details.

According to a report in 2000 by local newspaper, the Creston Valley Advance, Trudeau apologised to a local female reporter for inappropriately “handling” her.

Trudeua told reporters in Toronto,  “I’ve been reflecting very carefully on what I remember from that incident almost 20 years ago and, again, I feel, I am confident, I did not act inappropriately,”

“I do not feel that I acted inappropriately in any way but I respect the fact that someone else might have experienced that differently,” he said. “If I apologised later then it would be because I sensed that she was not entirely comfortable with the interaction we had.”

Photo Credit- The Financial Express

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