Trump launches a stingy attack against Germany, says they are ‘Captive’ to the Russians

BRUSSELS – US President Donald Trump launched a stinging attack on Germany at the start of a NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday, saying an “inappropriate” gas deal with Moscow made it a “captive” of Russia.

Trump referring to Berlin’s deal for the Nord Stream II gas pipeline said, “Germany is captive of Russia because it is getting so much of its energy from Russia,”

“Everybody’s talking about it all over the world, they’re saying we’re paying you billions of dollars to protect you but you’re paying billions of dollars to Russia.”

Trump comments seemed to have caught NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg off guard after he did not attend the breakfast meeting and lashed out at NATO allies for not paying their part in the alliance.

Trump added that “Germany is totally controlled by Russia.”

Trump then repeated his accusation that NATO as a whole does not pay enough.

“We’re protecting Germany, France and everybody… this has been going on for decades,” Trump said

“We’re not going to put up with it and its inappropriate,” Trump said.

Trump is expected to have a meeting with Russian president Vladmir Putin on July 16 for their first summit meeting in the background of the ongoing Russian collusion investigation.

Trump has frequently targeted Germany where he accuses EU largest economy of not spending enough on defence and giving all the issues and finance power to the United States.

Photo Credit- Al Jazeera

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