Tshwane acting city manager tests positive for Covid-19

Pretoria – Tshwane acting city manager Mmaseabata Mutlaneng and the group head in the city manager’s office, Msizi Myeza, have contracted Covid-19.

Both Myeza and Mutlaneng are self-isolating at their respective homes and are responding well to treatment, the city said in a statement on Friday.

“They are confident that they’ll return to full fitness soon,” it added.

Mutlaneng told the city’s employees and residents to strictly adhere to the Covid-19 protocols and prevent the spread of the virus, especially now that the country is in the grip of the second wave.

“We need to destigmatise this disease and speak openly about it with a view to encouraging those who have tested positive that they too can conquer it,” she said.

“Some of our colleagues that tested positive previously came back stronger than ever before.

“Let’s continue to practice the golden rules of regularly washing our hands, wearing face cloth masks that cover the nose and mouth and observe physical distancing. Together, we can contain the spread of this pandemic by adhering to the Covid-19 protocols and avoid attending the so-called ‘superspreader’ events.”

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