Tsvangirai: Zimbabwe might have an exciting year

Harare- According to Zimbabwe’s main opposition party leader Morgan Tsvangirai says Zimbabwe needs “urgent extrication” regarding their economical challenges.


When Tsvangirai delivered his new year message he also mentioned that their economic challenges which he mentioned still remain the cancer of the political body.


“The cash crisis, price increases, the liquidity crunch, the huge budget deficit and the lack of faith and trust in the sincerity of government and all its institutions remain a somewhat permanent cancer in our body politic.”


“True, there appears to have been some effort in tackling corruption but one hopes that the fight against graft and avarice truly becomes wholesome and ceases to be part of a retributive agenda against the ousted faction in Zanu-PF,” said Tsvangirai.


Tsvangirai also went on to say that the country could face an exciting year.


“Fellow Zimbabweans, we are on the verge of what could be an exciting year especially as we reflect on the great potential we have as a country and as a people.”


As a way forward Tsvangirai also advised there need to be a transformation in both the governance culture and the way people do business.

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