Tunisia coastguard rescues 48 migrants from sinking boat

Tunis- Tunisia’s coastguard has rescued 48 Tunisian migrants whose boat began sinking as they tried to reach Italy by sea, the interior ministry said Saturday.

On Friday night a patrol spotted a vessel 210 kilometres (130 miles) south of Tunis.

The ministry said in a statement, the 9 metre  craft “was sinking after taking on water”.

The statement added that all passengers were Tunisians aged 16 to 40, from the governorates of Medenine and Sfax.

There has been of influx of Africans migrants trying to get to Europe, Tunisia is experiencing this crisis , as many of them are living their country to have a better life, as departure peak is around September.

The increasing levels of Tunisians living is reflected by frustration amongst young people who are hard hit by unemployment.

In October last year a collision between a migrant boat and a Tunisian military ship left at least 44 dead, as the accident was called a natural disaster by Prime Minister Youssef Chahed.

Photo Credit- oasport.it

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