Tunisia corruption amnesty creates fear for democracy

TUNIS – Last Thursday the opposition parties raised their concerns over the country’s transition to democracy.

This happened when the parliament passed amnesty law officials who were accused of corruption.

This law was passed on Wednesday evening after there was a disruptive debate in the parliament.

This decision was taken after a cabinet reshuffle that saw Ben Ali-era officials join the cabinet as the country’s minister of finance and education.

This reshuffling is said to be a strategy to strengthen the President Beji Caid Essebsi’s grip on power ahead of the country’s first post-revolution municipal tolls.

Since Ben Ali was overthrown in 2011 revolution that sparked the Arab Springs uprising the country was seen as a model of democratic transition.

But the country’s expert in politics said that the fact that this transition was made it is a sign of victory for impunity.

She also went on to say that this signals a green light from the top of the country’s state institutions to the individuals engaged in power abuse.

But the public saw this as a revised plan to cover only the officials that are accused of being involved in the administration corruption but it doesn’t cover the people who received bribes.

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