Tweeps weigh in on Khanya Mkangisa and J Molley’s 10-year age gap

Johannesburg – Twitters users are trolling actress Khanya Mkangisa and her rapper bae, J Molley.

Ever since the streets heard about the two possibly dating, they have come out guns blazing for Khanya who is 10 years older than J Molley saying that “dating a child will never be right”.

The duo has not shared their relationship status openly but in many cases have been spotted together since rumours sparked in October 2019.

Earlier this year, after Khanya’s 31th birthday she posted pictures and videos of her and J Molley kissing and being extra comfortable in each other’s company.

After hitting the trends list – Khanya just gave tweeps the middle finger.

Last night the lovebirds once again came out brave and did a live on Instagram, while they did look cute together, social media was divided once again as to whether what Khanya is doing is right or not.

J Molley took to social media to clear out the air about him and Khanya.

“This idea that Khanya and I have been dating since 2018 is false. We met at the end of last year when I was well over 21 years old. I consider myself to be a very mature, smart, liberal thinker. No need to worry about me,” he said.

Most of you know nothing about us. To be arguing over ideas where your primary assumptions are false is a wasteful endeavor.

“Khanya is a successful independent black woman. Be inspired by her, we have bigger battles to fight regarding women in this country. #ProtectBlackWomen”.

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