Two men spared for Marikana killings

JOHANNESBURG – Charges for two men who were arrested in connection with the killings of Amcu officials in Marikana have been dropped, Amcu president Joseph Mathunjwa confirmed.

Mathunjwa was briefing the media in the early hours of the morning on Thursday about how the union is planning to fight job losses and also to make updates on the Marikana case.

Back in October, Amcu requested Police Minister Fikile Mbalula and his department to prosecute everyone who had a hand in the killings of Amcu officials since 2012.

The police amicably responded to the request and arrested everyone believed to be involved, but many of the arrested said they were innocent and pointed figures to Amcu president, Joseph Mathunjwa.

They say Mathunjwa is behind the killings and is the one who should be arrested not them.

Expelled Amcu Member, Zithobile Mangqo, is adamant that Amcu president is behind the killings and is using his friends in the police force to divert the investigations away from him.

“The workers are fighting amongst each other because of who they’re supporting. These rifts are caused by the union president and Dumisani, the organiser. We’re living under difficult conditions,” he said.

Mathunjwa fired 26 members in the union and allegedly directed the police to follow them at their homes and arrest them.

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