Two people die during Kenyan protest

Nairobi – According to the Kenyan police, on Monday after the country’s Supreme Court validated the election victory of President Uhuru Kenyetta the protests resulted in the death of 2 people.
While Kenyetta’s supporters went out to celebrate, the opposition party’s supporters went on to protest.
These protests took place in the opposition area, the country’s capital and the west of the country.
According to the police one of the protestors was killed in the Nairobi’s Kibera slum. While the paramedics to the first victim another person was shot dead in the western Migori.
The report released by the rights groups, the death toll of the last 4 months results to 54 deaths, most of the victims died in the hands of the police.
“The court has unanimously determined that the petitions are not merited. As a consequence, the presidential election of 26 October is hereby upheld as is the election of the third respondent,” said Chief Justice David Maraga, referring to Kenyatta.
The opposition party leader Odinga accused the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) of failing to make basic reforms to improve the votes. He also withdrew from the from the October ballot. His withdrawal caused his supporters to boycott.

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