‘Two presidents who failed to read the mood’: Zimbabweans react to #ZumaRecall

Harare- Zimbabweans have reacted to the political drama happening in South Africa and how similar former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe and South African president Jacob Zuma are being removed from the office of the presidency.

Zimbabaweans are observing this moment as a sense of deja vu.

Many Zimbabweans Tweeted their thoughts.

Business man and Church leader Shingi Munyeza tweeted, “South Africa is currently having its ‘ASANTE SANA’ moment.” That’s a reference to the words Mugabe used to end a highly-anticipated press conference in the wake of last year’s military takeover at which he was expected to resign but didn’t.

Others wondered whether the recall of Jacob Zuma will set a precedent for the next South African presidents.

Photo Credit- Mail and Guardian


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