Two suspects arrested in relation to murder of SANDF member

CAPE TOWN – Police have arrested two suspects believed to be involved in the murder of a defence force member in Oudtshoorn.

SANDF SAND member Preston Titus was stabbed and killed last weekend at his home at a military base.

According to the police, Titus was attacked in a robbery incident and his body was only discovered by his wife and daughter who alerted the police.

“Preliminary investigation reveals that the daughter was out for the evening. On her return around midnight there was no response from the victim’s side when she knocked.

“She eventually woke up her mother who then opened the door and they discovered the body of the victim in the bedroom,” said police’s Malcolm Poje.

Poje confirmed that two men believed to be involved in the incident have been arrested and brought for questioning; adding that the police are doing everything in their power to get to the bottom of the incident.

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