Uber Driver Burns Kids

UK – A father has been found guilty for murdering his two children by smothering them with a cloth soaked in petrol and setting them on fire.

Saros Enris (8) and his sister Leanor (6) were pronounced dead in hospital shortly after they arrived. Their father Endris Mohammed (47) was convicted of the murder of his 8 year old son and 6 year old daughter.

The verdict was reached, at the Birmingham Crown Court, on Friday. He was also convicted for the attempted murder of the mother of his children.

He, himself suffered significant burns on his face after he tried to set himself on fire as well. Mohammed showed little to none remorse when he was convicted last Friday.

The court heard that he had killed his children while they were sleeping in the lounge of their home. He smothered them with the petrol-soaked cloth before setting them alight, locked the back door and threw away the keys.

The children’s mother, who was asleep, woke up from the smoke alarm. Neighbours helped her get her children outside the house in time, but they did not make it when they reached the hospital. Their mother was also taken to hospital but did not suffer serious burns.

Mohammed has serious suicidal thoughts before, despite his denial to some accusations.

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