“Uber, meter taxi wars a threat to tourism,” Xasa

JOHANNESBURG – the ongoing rivalry between Uber and meter taxi drivers has created unrest over the past months. The Tourism Minister Tokozile Xasa has raised serious concerns about the ongoing violence as it is harmful to the country’s tourism industry. She raised her sentiments following a disturbing incident were three cars, believed to be Ubers were torched in Sandton last week. “In addition to the needless destruction of property and threat on human life, the general mood of uncertainty implicit in the violence threatens the stability of the tourism industry on which thousands of jobs are reliant,” said Xasa. Xasa added that the ongoing violence is an urgent issue that needs to be dealt with accordingly before it spirals nationwide. She also said that both taxicab and Uber operators are not doing themselves any good as they are bound to lose their businesses if the violence does not stop.

“In this context,” said Xasa, “it is self-evident that the operators are cutting off their noses to spite their faces.”

The minister’s spokesperson Mahlodi Muofhe also shared the concerns.
“Tourists have a wide choice of destinations. The minister is doing her best to attract tourists to grow our economy.”

Xasa has urged both Taxicab and Uber operators to engage in dialogue and resolve their issues in a peaceful and logical manner.

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