LONDON – Uber will hear on Tuesday if a bid to overturn a ruling stripping it of its licence to operate in London, its biggest European market, has succeeded after it said its corporate culture and practice had changed.

To try stay operating in the United Kingdom they decided to overhaul its policies and personnel in Britain after Transport for London refused to renew its licence in September for failing to report on serious criminal offences and conduct background checks on drivers.

The appeal process is still ongoing and Uber can still operate in the city and the upcoming decision on Tuesday can still also be appealed, meaning the whole process is far from over and could take up to years to complete.

Uber has faced global bans and protests, as governments and driving associations around the world want the app to follow the rules stated in their laws. As some critics such as cab associations and taxi unions have been angered by the fact that Uber operates as they please.

Chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi, who took charge the month before Transport of London (TFL) decision, promised to “make things right” in London after the ruling.

And on Monday during Uber’s court appearance, their officials said they would make more transparent policies and have better practices going forward.

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