UFS Students protest

Bloemfontein – Some students from the University of Free State (UFS) were left gasping for air after a fire extinguisher was discharged in one of the University’s lecture halls during their semester test.

This is said to have followed after the meeting between the University’s executive management and the University’s Student Representative Council (SRC) regarding their plan to increase the fees by 8%.

According to a second year student a woman who was standing outside the lecture hall started filming the protest when it started. But as soon as the protesters saw what she was doing they started pushing her around.

This student went on to say “luckily her son was present to rescue her from the protesters. The protesters said they will return at a later stage”.

But despite being disrupted by the protests the test was written at 4pm at the scheduled time, but they wrote this test in the presence of security guards.

“We were able to write for an hour and a half, before protesters started knocking at the door and I assume that they were surrounded by the security guards outside the door.”

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