UK banks in alleged Gupta money laundering: I’ve got proof, says activist

UNITED KINGDOM – Peter Hain, a UK politician and anti-apartheid activist has demanded that global British-headquartered banks be criminally investigated for facilitating the Guptas in the alleged laundering of billions of rands.

Hain said this while speaking in the House of Lords on Wednesday. He called for the law enforcement and financial regulatory authorities of the UK to embark on investigating banks that are alleged to have been involved in the numerous suspicious transactions.

The politician has already asked the government in the UK to put pressure to financial authorities in Dubai and Hong Kong to cut all links with the Gupta family and the family of South African President Jacob Zuma. He also said the allegations on money laundering by the Guptas would be raised in the European parliament, and an investigation to be conducted into European  banks involved with the family.

 Money laundering transaction to be investigated involved accounts in Dubai and Hong Kong as well as funds in several South African banks,  which were transferred through multiple transactions.

Hain told parliamentarians on Wednesday that he has in his possession proof of the transaction, which he had sent Philip Hammond, UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, whom he had written  to asking him to urge law enforcement to track down R7 billion thought to have  been laundered through the Guptas’ international networks.

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