UK optimistic over Zim future, but wants a ‘free, fair vote’

LONDON- Boris Johnson Britain’s foreign affairs minister has reportedly expressed optimism over Zimbabwe’s political future but has called for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government to deliver “a free and fair election.”

Johnson expressed on his Twitter page this week he said he was happy to welcome Zimbabwe’s finance minister Patrick Chinamasa in London.

Chinamas was leading a Zimbabwean delegation in London, for engagement under Mnangagwa’s new theme: “Zimbabwe is open for business.”

David Coltart, opposition leader in Zimbabwe urged Boris Johnson to listen to voices of the people on the ground not just what Mnangagwa’s government feeds him.

The meeting between the two countries has brought prospect of amendment of ties, as the Queen Elizabeth II has hinted at mending the fractured relations.

The Herald newspaper a state run Zimbabwean newspaper, reported that the Queen said in January in relations to the Commonwealth and what she would hope for 2018, she said, “When asked by a diplomat at a party what her hopes were for this year, the queen replied, wishing not for world peace, nor even happiness for her own family but ‘that Zimbabwe will rejoin the Commonwealth.”

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