Umkhonto we Sizwe protest against “white farmers”

DURBAN – Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans in KwaZulu-Natal have started their march as they seek to highlight the plight of black workers in white farms.

The veterans are challenging killings and brutality treatments that black farmers are exposed to on a daily basis, a situation they coin “the inhumane conditions farm workers live in.”

They are blaming white farmers for causing unrest in farms, saying black people are treated worse than dogs by their white masters.

They are also challenging the previous march by white farmers, saying it was racial and not authorized in the first place.

‘They burnt the current South African flag and raised the old apartheid flag, on top of that the march was not authorized in the first place,’ said one of the members.

“It is their sovereign right (white farmers) to protest if they feel like they are being unfairly treated or killed in farms, by the manner in which they protested was not right and we as Umkhonto we Sizwe will never allow that go unnoticed,” he added.

Members of the association started to gather at the Marian Hill Toll Plaza at 7 am and members are expected to displace after 3pm later on the day.

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