UN peacekeeper from Bangladesh killed in South Sudan

A United Nations peacekeeper was killed on Tuesday in South Sudan when a UN convoy was attacked.

The UNsaid the victim was Lieutenant Commander Ashraf Siddiqui from Bangladesh was part of a convoy protecting humanitarian workers traveling from Yei to Lasu in Central Equatoria province. A group of unknown gunmen shot fire onto the convoy and Siddiqui died from his injuries shortly after.

UN chief of peacekeeping in South Sudan David Shearer called the incident an “appalling act of violence” that took the peacekeeper’s life.

He said, “Peacekeepers and aid workers should be able to carry out their work freely and safely and not be subjected to the kind of senseless attack we have witnessed.”

The attacks on peacekeepers is increasing and the UN is very concerned concerned because this is the third attack on peacekeepers in just this month. The two other attacks occurred in Unity State.

South Sudan’s five-year civil war has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions. This incident comes when the country’s latest push for a peace deal with President Salva Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar met in Sudan on Monday during their second face-to-face meeting in two years.

Their first meeting took place last week in Ethiopia, led by the East Africa Bloc organising the talks.

South Sudan’s government has condemned the killings and said that critique that government soldiers are involved is not necessarily true.

“Guns aren’t just by the government, they’re by anywhere,” South Sudan’s government spokesperson, Ateny Wek Ateny, told The Associated Press.

Photo Credit- UNmiss

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