Unathi Nkayi reflects on son’s journey as she celebrates him coming home from initiation school

Media personality Unathi Nkayi speaking at her son’s mgidi as her family celebrates him coming home from the bush.

The December festive season for many black families, especially those with boy children, means it is time to head up to the mountains/bushes to partake in the long-standing tradition of initiation.

According to Xhosa customs, a boy has to go to initiation school, and when all goes well, he returns a man.

Upon his return, the family celebrates by hosting umgidi (traditional ceremony) to celebrate and welcome their child into manhood officially.

Media personality Claire Mawisa recently celebrated her son Neo officially becoming a man and she is not the only proud mama in these entertainment streets.

Unathi Nkayi is beaming with pride as well, following her son Sinako’s safe return home from the bush.

The TV and radio personality has been sharing moments from her family’s celebration in Langa, Cape Town.

Her ex-husband radio veteran Thomas “Bad Boy T” Msengana could also be seen in the posts beaming with pride as well over their son’s return.

Nkayi shared with her followers a little bit about the journey that actually began a month before the celebratory day. That meant she had to do a few things, including abstaining from intimacy while her son was away.

“A painful experience which had me crying at random intervals even in board meetings with colleagues and when the asked ‘What’s wrong’ all I would say is ‘My son is in the bush’ No intimacy for a month😩 as required I think added to it all👀🤞🏾🤣🙋🏽‍♀️”

The former ‘Idols South Africa’ judge in a separate post extended a special thanks to the Embo Initiation Academy for taking care of her son during their time away at initiation school.

“THANK YOU to the Embo Initiation Academy for the dignity in which you take care of our sons. You TRULY do deserve the title you have earned of being the BEST INITIATION SCHOOL in the COUNTRY. “

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