Unilever SA recalls Knorr ‘Cup-a-Soup Beef and Vegetable Lite’ soup

Unilever South Africa announced on Friday that a batch of Knorr ‘Cup-a-Soup Beef and Vegetable Lite’ soups will be recalled because they may include sachets of Knorr  ‘Cup-a-Soup Beef and Vegetable Regular’.

The company released a statement where they apologised for the error.

“We recently discovered that a small number of Knorr ‘Cup-a-Soup Beef and Vegetable Lite’ boxes, which we have produced, mistakenly contain sachets of ‘Knorr “Cup-a-Soup Beef and Vegetable Regular’.

“As a result, the affected stock does not declare the presence of wheat and gluten as allergens on the box”.

“Consumers are urged to return the products and not to dispose of it themselves.”

“If you are allergic to wheat or gluten and have experienced any symptoms after using a sachet of Knorr “Cup-a-Soup Beef and Vegetable Lite” from the affected batch, please contact your doctor and inform the Unilever SA Consumer Careline on 0860 331 441,” said the company in a statement.

If you have boxes of the soup with the code BB 22 SEP 23 2082 E on them, the company recommends that you return them to your local retailer for a refund.

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