JOHANNESBURG- There seems to be a progress from the Eskom wage talks, with unions now saying that the power utility has presented two wage agreement proposals.

Both proposals are a three year agreement but one 7.5% will have an increase for the first year, but no housing allowance, the other two years is a 7% increase with housing allowance.

Eskom acknowledge that their offer is lower than what the employees wanted of 8% increase over the first year and 8.5% for the next two years.

National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa’s Irvin Jim said,  “We regard this as progress which were’ basically taking it back to our members for consultation.

“You will appreciate that it is two options and we’ve requested Eskom to do a proper calculation which will guide our members so that they understand.”

However Jim still wants the issue of bonuses to be addressed before an agreement is reached.

“We’re saying our members firmly believe that they have performed and remember their performance also depended on management managing them in making sure that they’re effective and therefore, they expect to be paid their bonus at 12%.”

Photo Credit- EWN

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