United Nations Brings Peace to Libya

The UN launches a push to the maintenance of peace to Libya, this Wednesday, which has not been at peace since previous leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

Antonio Guterres, The UN Secretary General and a new UN envoy on Libya, Ghassan Salame met to discuss the issues and matters facing the country. “It is my deep belief that circumstances are now created in a way that allow for a solution to be possible.” said Guterres at the meeting. He also urged the meeting to commit to a mutual effort to ensure that they do what they can help the people of Libya find peace, democracy, freedom and prosperity.

The initiatives have created a way of bringing peace to Libya and its people and bringing them together. It is the United Nations’ main priority to ensure a unified command structure and improving the provision of goods and services to Libyans. They also stated that is it crucial to support the mass of migrants who have made a lawless country their launchpad into Europe.

The Libyans have not healed since the shakes it experienced during the leadership of the dictator, Gaddafi, which had led them to become a country with no specific laws and rules of going forward. More news will be reported on the progress of the UN bringing them peace.

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