United Nations improve detention conditions in Libya

The United Nations is on a mission to improve the living conditions in over 30 detention centres for immigrants in Libya and send home those who are able to.

Laura Thompson of the International Organisation for migration said “I think there are somewhere around 31 or 32 detention centres, and around half are controlled by, or are in the areas controlled by the government,” on the migration conference held in Costa Rica on Wednesday.

These migration centres are said to be lacking the supply of food and people are living in unsanitary conditions while they mix every gender and age together. In these camps are Africans aiming to migrate to European countries, in families. The numbers of people attempting illegal crosses has dropped since July as the coastguards, in Libya, received European Union Funding and training to reduce the number of smuggled immigrants. It was reported that the living conditions is only one of the major problems amongst the raping, torture and slave labour of hundreds of thousands of people.

The UN human rights chief, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein accused the EU for turning a blind eye on such a crucial matter. These detention centres are facing more problems each day while they make plans of reducing any health risks and assisting people with their documentation.

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