University of Nairobi temporarily closed over police brutality

NAIROBI – Administrators have closed the University of Nairobi on Tuesday as they fear for the safety of students over police brutality.

This comes after planned protests by angry students who were severely beaten and injured by the police at a campus demonstration last week.

It is reported that an angry mob of students supported by civilians and rights groups took to the streets to protest against the brutality and killings of innocent civilians by the police.

On September 28, it is reported that police mobs stormed the university’s premises dragging students out of their classrooms and dormitories, beating them and firing teargas.

At least 27 students were seriously injured and hundreds got minor bruises.

The Kenyan police defended itself by saying there were robbers who were hiding amongst the students.

The protests were set to continue on Tuesday but the school authorities decided to shut down the university.

According to other sources, officers involved in killings of people are rarely charged and almost never convicted.

Rights groups claims more than 28 innocent people have been brutally killed by the police following events that happened on august 8 elections.

Rights groups calls for international organisations to help keep peace during the next presidential re-run elections scheduled for October 26.

Kenya, a key Western Ally in East Africa receives substantial financial support for its security services from international donors, including the United States and Britain.

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