UPDATE: If Zuma goes- Parliament must be dissolved- Opposition Parties

CAPE TOWN- Opposition parties have rallied that if ANC manages to remove Zuma, then the entire parliament must be dissolved, as the majority ANC in parliament has failed to remove Zuma after the ConCourt found he failed to uphold his oath of office.

Opposition parties have increased pressure on the ruling party and DA leader Mmusi Maimane said at the press briefing, “Everyone in South Africa has called for the removal of Jacob Zuma,”

“In the context of that, we can’t be spectators to the ANC’s internal factions. Let us go to Parliament and remove Zuma.”

If  the ANC agrees to remove Zuma on those grounds, it must therefore also dissolve Parliament for the same reasons.

“Even though we as opposition parties have taken a stand… we’ve been defeated. We’re part of a Parliament that has taken wrong decisions,” said EFF leader Julius Malema.

“The problem is not Zuma, the problem is not [ANC president] Cyril [Ramaphosa], the problem is the ANC. The ANC must be voted out.”

The parties comprised of the DA, EFF, ACDP, FFP, UDM, IFP, PAC and COPE, as all seven parties agreed that national speaker Baleke Mbete must urgently move on EFF’s motion of a no confidence debate and vote.

EFF has been strategic on its tabling of no motion of confidence as it will be the first of its nature to be debated on the subject, as the second motion is to dissolve parliament and has the possibility of succeeding if the ANC’s national executive committee orders Zuma to be recalled.

Photo Credit- Buzz South Africa


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