UPDATE- KZN mosque attack: More questions than answers over bomb

DURBAN- The discovery of a bomb at Verulam Shia Mosque on Sunday, investigators are now asking why the bomb was only found on Sunday, even when the premises were thoroughly looked through on Friday.

The Hawks have confirmed that the device was a bomb. The bomb was found next to a pulpit, a worshipper found the device and who assisting with cleaning.

Simphiwe Mhlongo spoke told News24 on Monday, “It triggers questions [on] why it was not seen on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and it was only seen on Sunday. Our investigations will reveal the truth,”

“After a thorough search on Friday, the place was handed back to them because there was going to be a funeral. After forensic experts had concluded their work, the mosque was then given to them on Friday.

“The chairperson of the [mosque] came on Saturday with some people and they did partial cleaning in the mosque and never saw the bomb. They only saw it on Sunday [when] they came back to do more cleaning,”

He added, “Someone saw it and threw it outside and it never exploded. We are left with so many questions.”

Mhlongo was asked if it was an inside job, he said he would not speculate at this stage.

He said, “Our interviews with those who accessed the area will tell us. We will continue with our investigation to ascertain how it [the bomb] ended up there.”

Photo Credit- Yahoo

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