UPDATE: Low-tech Device Used for NY Bombing

New York- An “amateur-level” bomb was used in the NY attack on Monday. Suspect Akayed Ullah was arrested for the attempted terror attack.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said that this bomb was low-tech weapon and might have been home-made as it did not fully ignite, which lessen the damage it seemed to have intended to cause.

 The 27 year old suspect also attained minor injuries and has been arrested for the failed attack. Although three people were wounded in the bombing, none of them attained life-threatening injuries but were taken to hospital for acute medical care.

The bomb exploded during the rush hour of Monday morning between two busy streets, with hopes to cause injuries to a large amount of people.

The two streets are the busiest, linking two subways beneath Port Authority terminal- the nation’s largest bus hub. Police believe that ht bomb had a premature explosion and could have been intended for a much busier destination.

New York mayor, Bill de Blasio stated at a news conference; “Let’s be clear, as New Yorkers, our lives revolve around subways. And also let’s be clear, this was an attempted terrorist attack.”

President Trump criticised the visa programme Ullah was on, which allowed him in the US since 2011 as he already had family members residing that side.

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