JOHANNESBURG – The Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane says allegations that there is a possible split in his party are baseless and malicious.

He says as far as he is concerned the party is on track and united ahead of next year’s general elections.

This is in response to today’s City Press where the paper says it has reliably learnt that some of the party’s senior members are plotting to form a breakaway True Liberal Party.

The paper also reports that the move by at least five Members of Parliament follows tensions over race, transformation and other policy positions.

Maimane says if there are such talks about the party splitting, then those who allegedly lead the negotiations should come forward.

“Which MP is that? Where was the rumour, so that I can respond to it? I can’t respond to fabrications that have no names to that.”

He says the party is very much united and this was evident in last week’s federal council meeting.

“We’re focused on the 2019 general elections and in fact we’re the only party that’s bringing black and white South Africans together.”

Maimane says all channels to raise concerns in his party are forever open, and believes all senior members know how they operate should they have grievances.

Article sourced from EWN

Photo Credit- eHowzit

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