Update- Zim court frees Grace Mugabe ally, says ‘acted reasonable to save his life’

Harare- A former ally of ex-first lady Grace Mugabe, who was facing charges of unlawfully skipping the country has reportedly been acquitted.

Herald state owned newspaper is reporting that magistrate Josephine Sande acquitted Saviour Kasukuwere, a former local government minister in ex-president Robert Mugabe’s government, in his judgement he saida “he did a reasonable thing to save his life”.

Magistrate Sande said the decision by the court had taken into account the bullet holes and empty cartridges which were noticed at his house.

Kasukuwere’s release from jail comes afterhe had told the court a day before he fled into “the jungles” of Mozambique because he feared for his life after his Harare home was attacked by soldiers on the night of November 14.

He would later then spmd six months in exile in South Africa, however he returned back to Harare in May. He was arrested days later on charges of breaching the immigration act for leaving the country illegally.

Jonathan Samkange his lawyer told the Harare Magistrates’ Court ┬áreiterated that his client acted out of fear for his life.

Daily Need quoted him as saying, “The attackers were not robbers but targeted him personally and as such he became a refugee,”

“No one wants to die and he did the right thing to save his life when he was targeted by AK rifles.”

Kasukuwere was part allegedly of the G40 faction in the ruling Zanu-PF party that orchestrated the firing of then vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa on November 6.

Photo Credit- Pindula News

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