UPDATE- Zimbabwe’s Tsvangirai is critically ill in SA Hospital- Party Source

JOHANNESBURG- A party source has revealed according to Times Live that main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is critically ill and his party supporters should expect the “worst”.

“From the medical report that I received yesterday the situation is not looking good. He is critically ill and we should brace for the worst,” the source said. Tsvangirai is being treated in a Johannesburg hospital for his latest treatment for colon cancer.

The opposition leader party, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has been in disarray, as officials within the party battle for his position.

He has given a glimpse of who he would like to take over the helm, as he was quoted last month that the older generation should let the youth lead, “it was time for the older generation to step back and make way for new hands, raising prospects of leadership change,” he said.

The MDC needs a new face for the party, as Zimbabean elections near and without the founder at the helm it could lead to a split in the party and undermine any attempt to defeat President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Luke Tamborinyoka spokesperson for the MDC leader said about his condition, “stable but the nation should keep on praying.”

Photo Credit- Voazzimbabawe

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