Updated essentials list as the country anxiously awaits the revised lockdown plan

As we head into the 5th week of the nationwide lockdown, South Africans anxiously await the government’s revised lockdown plan. President Cyril Ramaphosa is said to have met with members of Cabinet on Monday 20th April to discuss and finalize the set of measures that are to be put in place in response to the impact of the lockdown and to implement a plan for once the lockdown is over.  

Spokesperson KhuselaDiko uploaded a statement on Twitter last night, announcing that the president might address the nation tonight to notify the country of the measures that were decided upon in the meeting yesterday. It was also published yesterday that a ban on ‘Hot Food’ had been made. This prohibits the sale of any such food by the essential retailers that are still operating. It is said that this ban was seen to be said without any explanation and intervention. This will leave many essential businesses unsure of their status.   

Minister of higher education Blade Nzimande also released a revised essentials’ list. The list includes information and communication devices such as phones, laptops and desktops to ensure that Higher education institutions can operate smoothly. It also includes gasses, liquids as well as chemicals used in the preservation of biological samples as well as maintenance equipment. Animal feed for lab and farm animals has also been included in this list

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