US is ‘deeply concerned’ over political arrests in South Sudan

CAIRO- The United States (US) embassy in Sudan said it is ‘deeply concerned’ with the political climate in South Sudan, it said, “deeply concerned by the continued arrests and detentions of hundreds of political leaders, activists and ordinary citizens” in the country.

On Thursday in their statement it says that many of the detained are “being held in inhumane and degrading conditions, and without access to lawyers or family.”

US says it “believes in every Sudanese’s right to enjoy fundamental freedoms, including the rights to peacefully assemble without recrimination,”

The Sudan social political climate has struggled since South Sudan become an independent country, South Sudan is the oil rich part of the country, as Sudan struggles with double-digit inflation and rising food prices driving unrest.

The current security forces are violently shutting down attempts of demonstrations from critics and activists.

The US is still committed with working with Sudan for progress on protecting human rights and freedoms and other social issues.

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